Framing Process

  1. Layout – JSN Believes that layout is the key component to a well constructed building.  We train very few layout workers and only allow the best to chalk lines, lay plates, and lay out the walls, which helps to achieve accuracy and consistency.  Our layout workers are also known for being quick and efficient, and staying ahead of the wall builders.
  2. Wall Building (stick frame) – Each worker is trained to build a “JSN Wall.” We only build walls one way.  This ensures walls are built with the proper rough openings, structural integrity, and sheeting consistency while ensuring minimal waste.
  3. Floors – With JSN, all joists, beams, clips, hangers, straps, rods, blocking and bridging are installed as we go to make sure that all structural criteria is met and that there are no squeaks.
  4. Roof – We are experienced in a wide variety of roof types including hand cut and rough cut timber.  When it comes time for the roof, JSN is among the fastest in the industry, while also maintaining quality and adhering to the highest safety standards; fall protection is monitored closely during the construction process.
  5. Stairs – We install our stairs as we build.  This makes it safe and accessible for all trades.  All stairs are glued and screwed.  The stairs and landings are installed with the correct dimensions to meet the proper head height and stair codes.
  6. Decks – Decks are built structurally sound with a consistent slope while accommodating the building envelope criteria.  We have experience with arched beams and rough cut timber.
  7. Back Framing – Every project has a full time back frame foreman to ensure inspections are passed quickly and to allow for other trades to move in. We position our most experienced framers in this roll to eliminate problems and to finish the units off properly.
  8. Structural – A JSN foreman makes a point of walking through the building with the structural inspector on every inspection.  This way we are able to pin point any problems and make the necessary adjustments.  JSN expects 95% on the first inspection and 100% on the second inspection.
  9. Windows – JSN is confident and efficient at installing windows in conformance with building envelope requirements. Our goal is to install windows completing a full exposure which allows the siders to continue their finishing.
  10. Clean Up – Each site has a designated clean up crew.  We construct a garbage box to bulk out the units making the site workable for all trades.