About Us

about usJSN Construction started in 2001 with the goal of building a company founded on a solid work ethic, healthy work environment, and a place where employees felt valued and part of something important. JSN Construction encourages its employees and work colleagues to become well-rounded people with a clear balance between work, fun, and a healthy home life.


JSN Construction began framing residential projects in 2001, moved into townhouse development by 2003, and currently specializes in multi-family apartments, specialty buildings and townhouse developments.   JSN consists of 30-40 employees and is one of the largest framing companies in BC.


At JSN Construction we believe in stick frame construction.  Our five step process includes the following sequence: layout, walls, floors, back frame, and roof.  We find that we are able to complete the project in a shorter period of time, with greater cost effectiveness, while using less space and creating less waste.


JSN prides itself in using employed labour as opposed to sub-contracting, thus the stairs, decks, floors, walls, roofs, back framing, and window installation are all completed with the same quality standards.


With our youth and experience, JSN Construction’s back framers are able to set and maintain a consistent pace of work that is suitable for the client, while also completing units that are plum, level, and true. Each unit is then left clean and prepared for the remaining trades and structural inspections.